A quick peek at Ginger Lorakeets LEA sim…

Over 2 years ago I discovered the art of making images look 3D in Second Life by layering them and playing with transparencys. While playing around with my images I had an idea, ” How much fun would it be if an avatar was inside the art?”   So with a tool I use to put sits inside of chairs I decided to apply the same method and place an animation inside my new piece of art, and Inside Art was born. In the beginning the images were rather large and primmy, but as I have developed over the years I am now finding images that work well without the 3D layering. Matching them with animations that fit perfectly and immerse the avatar into the art, is always lots of fun.

I’ve always loved the Alice in Wonderland stories and thought this was my perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun by making a winding path to follow until you find the Inside Art Gallery.

To experience it fully, walk through and stop to smell the roses, there are things hidden all over the place to see.

At the entrance
Entering Wonderland
What a curious poem
amongst the flowers
Tea Party!


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